Tips For Choosing The Right Headstone

Whether you are selecting a headstone or monument for a family member or friend, if you’ve never had to order one before, the process can be quite daunting. Typically, choosing a memorial comes at a difficult time, and your thoughts can be all over the place. To make things easier for you, we have a few tips that can make the whole process a simple, so you can focus on the important things.

These tips will guide you through the process of choosing the right memorial for your loved one. Everything from the style, stone type, inscriptions and colours are important for the process,  to ensure your loved one’s memory lives on forever.

What Is A Headstone?

A headstone is a monument that is placed at the head of a grave, normally on top of a stone base and is also known as a gravestone or tombstone.

A headstone is how you mark a grave to show where the deceased is buried. A monument is slightly different in the way that it covers the whole grave. A headstone just covers the head of the grave. Headstones are normally granite that have been engraved with the details of the deceased person along with verses, quotes or poems.

What Is A Monument?

Similar to a headstone, a full monument is the next step, featuring a headstone plus a base. The base is made up of an ashlar and kerbing which creates a boundary or border around the grave site, then a slab or chips and headstone are added.

How To Choose A Headstone

Any headstone you choose should be unique and beautiful, but you also need to ensure you stay within budget constraints. There are many different stone options available, and each has a different price tag. There are many different reasons to choose different stone types. Colour, budget, availability and regulations are just some of the reasons.

Regulations Of Cemeteries

One of the first things to consider is any regulations that might be set by the cemetery where you intend to install the gravestone or memorial. Many cemeteries only allow specific materials and sizes.  ​It’s important you know the guidelines. The last thing you want is to spend money on a headstone or memorial that can’t be installed.

Headstone Design

Headstone designs are available in three main categories – upright gravestones, flat headstones and kerbed memorials. Based on the regulations and your budget, you can decide which will suit best.

Material Type And Colour

The next thing to consider is the type of material to use for the gravestone or memorial. Headstones can be made from granite and sandstone.

One of the most popular materials for headstones is granite, as it is available in a range of different colours that can be personalised to suit your loved one. Sandstone and marble are also available in different colour options, but the prices vary. 

Material Finish

Once you have chosen your stone type and colour, you can also choose what type of finish. The three main types of finishes are rustic, sawn and polished.  You can also choose a combination of stone types.