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Mellor Monumental was established in 2001 and this family-owned and operated business offers you immense experience in the memorial stonemasons’ trade. Our focus is on producing the highest quality monuments and memorials to you. As stonemasons, it’s our goal to provide you with a high level of service, advice, and ultimately, to help you choose the memorial that is right for your family.


Superior craftsmanship


What is a stonemason?

Basically, we take a rough piece of stone or rock and then shape it into a specific form in order to create the structure that you want. While our focus is on memorials and similar structures, stonemasons also create cathedrals, statues, and buildings. The work that stonemasons do is functional and beautiful. You can thank stone masonry for the Taj Mahal, the statues of Easter Island, and Stonehenge.

We apply that same level of care and attention into the work that we do for you. But, in our case, we use our stonemason skills to craft fitting memorials for you and your loved ones. It’s something that we have over of experience in. To us, there’s nothing more important than helping you find the perfect monument to remember your loved one.

Focusing On You

At Mellor Monumental, our focus is on you. We are known for producing the finest memorials. We can also restore existing memorials or additional inscriptions. In addition, we handle personalised design work. If you need a new memorial to match an existing one, we can help you with that, too. Whatever your needs are, we will strive to meet them.

It all starts with a conversation where you share your needs with us. From there, we take your order and put our love and attention into creating a truly befitting memorial.

We offer a full range of services related to creating and maintaining memorials. You can visit our memorials page to learn more about what we can offer you. Or, you can contact us directly, by phone or email, to discuss your exact needs and wishes. Alternatively, you can visit our showroom (112 London Road, Stawell) to get a closer look at examples of our work and talk us through your requirements. We proudly serve The Wimmera  Mallee and Beyond.